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Ever heard of a branded vadapav? 'MY JOURNEY WITH VADAPAV' by Venkatesh Iyer is the story of a doing entrepreneur who made the humble vadapav - the Little Indian burger, a corporate name amidst the Mc Donald's and Domino's of the world.

About the book

How did a popular street snack from Mumbai become a marketing phenomenon, gaining national popularity and international repute?

What transformed an on-the-run bite from a snack on a handcart into an award-winning brand?

What made Harvard Business School lean forward and acknowledge the marketing success of the humble vadapav?

My Journey with Vadapav by Venkatesh Iyer answers all these questions and more. The book tells the story of a daring and unusual entrepreneurial venture. Inspired by his love for vadapav, one man made it his mission to build, promote, transform and establish a humble street snack into a national brand.

The book encapsulates a journey in which you walk with the author through various pathways from the glimmer of a concept to its creation, development and foundation, while sharing his moments of apprehension, enthusiasm, despair, elation, occasional confusion and humour. In due course, admire his determination to succeed, no matter what.

This bold and inspiring real-life narration, questions the set norms of the Indian food industry and takes its myriad challenges head-on. It is a tale of teamwork, a whole load of determination and entrepreneurship at its best, with a little bit of luck to complete the mix.

My Journey with Vadapav’ is exciting, compelling and a great read for enthusiasts who have an idea, a dream or a vision and aspire to make it not just a reality, but a success. It is an inspiration for others too.



“Venkatesh has battled plenty of odds to create a brand and a business that many had thought to be impassible Like a true entrepreneur,  he has created something of an enduring value. `My Journey with Vadapav’ has plenty of thoughts, ideas and lessons that many others can learn and be inspired from.”

Kishore Biyani, Founder & Group CEO, Future Group

During the era, where internationally acclaimed American brands and formats made their way and became successful in India, Goli Vadapav, as a totally Indian food concept, made a good headway and has become fairly popular. I wish them and Venky all the very best.”


“Venkat and I were colleagues in an earlier avatar. I remember him as a hesitant young rookie starting his career. And he was funny. I guess that’s where the name Goli Vada Pay came from! He epitomises the spirit of “start-up” India. And as a breath of fresh air, this start up story is non tech – in the QSR industry. Surely worth a read. If not for Venky’s quotes and the metaphoric prose, simply for the journey. And the fun that he and his team have had along the way”

Darshan Mehta, CEO, Reliance Brands

“This book is a fascinating story of grit, determination and innovation. The very idea of converting the process of making the `vadapay’, a street food, into an organised business, spread across the country, would have seemed outlandish. But Venky and his team have shown that it is possible to chase a dream and take it to fruition. His success is truly a game-changer for the Indian QSR business and has the potential to become the “McDonald’s of Indian food”. Hopefully, this book will inspire and sow the seed for many more Indian food entrepreneurs”

Ninad Karpe, CEO & Managing Director, Aptech

“Entrepreneurship is the fine art of story-telling and the science of realising that story! A master orator and entrepreneur par excellence Venky as always has his audience, customers and now with his Book his readers eating out of his hands. A thrilling recount of Goli’s – Jugaad (Indian art of the start) – Global scale innovation – immaculate execution -Frugal Brand building – proudly India’s answer to the Big M! – An inspiring must read for all enterprising minds!” –

Manak Singh, Chief Evangelist at Ascent, Former Executive Director at Tie Mumbai.

“This well-articulated journey is an embodiment of courage in pursuit of entrepreneurial passion, nurtured with humility. Venky and his partners prove entrepreneurship is anything but the pursuit of money. It is rather to consistently innovate, create value and make a difference in people’s lives. Money is a by-product of the efforts. Every business has a story, and this one is to inspire you” –

Mateen Syed, Global Business Strategist, Advisor, Speaker, Silicon Valley Director at Tie Mumbai.

“This book “My Journey with Vadapav” is a must read for all entrepreneurs, as it can help them understands the power of passion. The book gives excellent lessons on ‘What it takes to face manage and learn from failures, which leads to successes. This book can be of immense value to Start-up entrepreneurs who aspire to learn concepts related to pricing, promotion, and processes. The authors says ‘Entrepreneurs are explorers’ and I state that this book is ‘Great guide which can help entrepreneurs in their journey of exploration!’ I got to know more about Venkatesh lyer, when he delivered his inspiring talk on his journey of entrepreneurship to the MBAstudents of SIBM, Pune. The talk was motivating and inspiring. I am very glad that this book “My Journey with Vadapav” will now be available, which will give an opportunity to millions to learn from Mr. Venkatesh lyer’s journey of entrepreneurship.” –

Dr. Raman, PhD, Director, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management [SIBM]




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